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Interval Timing.com

At Interval Timing.com, we believe barrel races are won and lost based on finding the best track for your horse. We run a race that is timed to the 1000th of a second. That margin of time cannot be registered by the human eye. If your horse is on the best track, it is able to keep its’ momentum going, and shut the clock off in the fastest time possible.
We believe our reports can help you determine if you are on the right “track” or pattern. Regardless the size of pattern, there are 3 barrels to turn and 4 straight a ways to navigate, and knowing how your horse clocks the best is what we aim to help you with. We all need to find the best turn possible for our horses so they can navigate the straights in the fastest manor. It is really that simple. Sometimes we need to give up a little more room or time in turns, to make the straights faster.



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Our custom Interval Timing software gives your contestants leading edge technology on their splits, and offers full event comparisons as they have never been offered before!

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