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The end of the “Tidbits Tuesday” gets cut off at the end (really facebook live?!?)- but the point is made by Time & Space and what that looks like on the clock – the data I talk about is referenced below.

We have joined up with The Performance Horse Academy for THE ULTIMATE barrel racers package – Learn how your horse is built to move and then how much space YOU NEED on the pattern – We are also introducing an “Up a D Challenge” to up the Ante!

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The hours spent collecting data for can be exhausting. Late nights (my record is 4:30am one race ended and the next morning race started at 8am, so just a quick power snooze between), early mornings, tractor drivers running over your eye 4 times in a weekend… it can feel a bit like your are a little fish in a big pool of people not wanting what you are selling some days, but then you have moments like this where you are SO incredibly happy you stuck it out – when your research and analysis proves what you have been saying over and over.

We truly have people going FASTER in the barrel pen. How do I know? Because I have the DATA to prove it!

At we have always been EXTREMELY DILIGENT about measuring where our interval eyes go. It doesn’t matter the size of pen, we always set the eyes the EXACT same distance away from all 3 barrels in every set up.

As an Accounting Technician by trade, I have always understood the need for consistency to be able to see the true variables and changes, so you can compare like to like and make adjustments for differences. I am OCD about set up to make sure the data is never tainted and is consistent across all pens and across all of our Partners

If you ever got a chance to run at “The Trac” in Pasco, WA you KNOW that pen was TOUGH! It has been almost 6 years since I have seen a set of top 5 average time in the 16.8’s.

Here is what the data PROVES – you need to be able to clock in the straights for your horse to SHUT OFF the clock – Amanda’s 16.396 gave up a smidge of time in her turns and blew it out of the water in the straights. 2014 BRN4D Finals VS 2020 Greg Olson Futurity – Both Standard Patterns – same exact measurements for interval data – Giving your horse room to work in the turns allows your horse to clock faster in the straights! Also – Straight straights clock faster (NO FANCY MOVES!) AND you don’t have to have the fastest horse there to win –

Hallie Hansen actually had the “Fastest” Horse clocking 3.640 from the 3rd barrel home a full 3 TENTHS faster than Amanda’s 16.396!

Scroll down to see the FULL data set including who the data belongs to!

If you want to clock like Amanda you NEED TO KNOW how much space YOUR HORSE(S) NEED on the pattern RIGHT NOW! –

This months special includes an “Up a D Challenge” with great prizes & payouts if you purchase the Ultimate Barrel Racers Package!

We help you clock better and pay you back for doing it, how cool is that? (It’s super cool if you were struggling for an answer here 😉 )

The BAF sale (broke as Feb) is 29% off from Feb 1st to 14th – go to – Don’t worry – we will send you a quick reminder when the sale opens @ 9am on Feb 1st.