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Line To The 1st Barrel Clinic

Everybody wants to tell you the 1st barrel is the money barrel, but the line you take decides whether you can turn the 1st barrel.  It also decides what happens between 1st & 2nd and around 2nd.  It's the Money Line, everytime!

~Sam Winslow

This Clinic focuses on the line to the 1st barrel, how to figure out what your line is (and why it is), troubleshooting when you are on the wrong line and steps to successfully rebuild your line.

We teach you the DIFFERENCE between each horse's build and WHY the same line doesn't work for each horse and WHAT adjustments you will need.

We show you WHY one bit works for one person/horse and not another by teaching you the mechanics.

We show you WHERE your saddle needs to sit on your horses back and WHAT part of your body determines your saddle size and why the bar angle and the gullet width aren't causing your issues.

We follow up with you after the clinic - we give you online access to the materials and you get to join the performance horse academy live learning sessions specifically for clinic participants.


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Clinic FAQ's


  • All clinics include Lunch, Snacks, Coffee, Tea, Water & Juice
  • All Participants receive a customized action plan after the clinic (Valued @ $150) - this can take up to 7 working days
  • We send out a recap after each clinic over a 7 day span - this is to remind you of the topics we covered and some general content to help refresh your memory - it is a lot of content to take in a short amount of time and truly want to help in your success
  • All Clinic Participants are entered in the "Up a D" challenge group, free of charge (a $100 value) - This pays back those who improve after working with The Performance Horse Academy & program with cash, swag and prizes!

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