Do you believe you belong in the 1D?

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There is robust scientific literature that repeatedly shows people who believe that they will become successful at something are more likely to become successful. People who believe they are fast runners tend to run faster. People who believe they’re going to ace a test are more likely to ace the test. People who believe they’re going to survive a terrible illness like cancer regularly out-survive their pessimistic counterparts. 

Mark Manson

I specifically wrote the word belong in the title of this article and I want you to think on it for a moment. Do you think that word should even be part of the title?


  1. the property of.”the vehicle did not belong to him”Similar:be owned by/be the property of/be the possession of/be in the ownership of/be held by/be at the disposal of/be in the hands of
  2. a member or part of (a particular group, organization, or class).”they belong to garden and bridge clubs”

I strongly DO NOT. The word belong suggests there is a right or right not to be in the top division at a barrel race because it is some earned class. I don’t say it myself, that people do or do not belong in the 1D, but I HEAR IT all the time.

I spend months of my life at barrel races collecting and selling quality data via our interval reports and overhead videos. Our booths are always right in the mix at a barrel race – either arena side or close to the office. I am a multi tasker and a listener – I can listen to multiple conversations and pick up words and phrases from others around me easily, sometimes unknowingly.

I am always surprised at how unwilling people are to find out if there horse is fast enough