Interval Timing takes the guess work out of barrel racing by providing split times throughout a given barrel run, breaking down your times in the turns and straightaways. This amazing system then adds each component together and turns out a report that shows in detail, where you rank in that race.

We believe our reports can help you determine if you are on the right “track” or pattern. Regardless the size of pattern, there are 3 barrels to turn and 4 straight a ways to navigate, and knowing how your horse clocks the best is what we aim to help you with. We all need to find the best turn possible for our horses so they can navigate the straights in the fastest manner. It is really that simple. Sometimes we need to change our turn to make the straights faster.

The technology  involves 4 electric eyes that record split times throughout a given barrel racing run.   The program then adds, subtracts, splits and averages the times. If you were outrun and want to know why… the Interval Timing report will tell you all you need to know.

We are leagues ahead of the competition with our custom designed software, we can provide a full event comparison, which no other interval timing services has ever offered before!

Our reports show you the difference in time between yourself and the top 5 runs and top 5 average.  If your difference is a negative number, it means you were faster by that fraction in time, if the number is a positive number, it means you were slower. reports are designed to help you balance out your run, and view it in sections versus looking at individual splits.  Each horse is a little different in their path (some can handle giving up a little time in the straights, but clock better in a turn and vice versa)

















Common Scenarios:
• We consider a split to be the same or the right track if it is between -0.050 and 0.050 in difference. This is literally splitting hairs when it comes to shutting off the clock.
• A negative split difference ( can actually highlight problem area in your run just as much as a positive difference. Often if you have a faster split in one area, you will be losing more time before or after that split.
• A negative split difference in your turn is a sign that your barrel is too tight and 98% of the time you will have a slower straight before and/or after this seemingly “quick” turn. Your horse usually needs more space to keep his momentum going.
• If your horse just needs to find a little more speed to catch those fast horses, you will generally see very minor differences between your run, and the Top 5 Average run in the majority of your splits. There are 7 splits to consider and if your horse is on the right “track” and your time is a second slower, your split difference should read about 0.142 seconds slower in all 7 areas. It should not vary much. If your horse isn’t on the right track your differences will be up’s and downs in various areas, and this is where we can pin point possible changes you could make in your run.
• If you have great times in your straights, and 2 slow barrels, and 1 fast barrel, you may have to keep an open mind about switching which barrel you take first. The clock doesn’t lie.