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As always, I am SO excited for the upcoming clinic – I need final stall and lunch numbers from everyone so please fill in your horse numbers/stalling information, how many for lunch (people attending the clinic is included but if you have a mom/dad that is attending please add additional lunches @ $15 per person.

The event schedule is below 🙂


  • YOUR LUNCH IS included 🙂

We are going to give you a lot of information in a short amount of time

This information is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  

All information is copyright protected and cannot be distributed or shared in any manner.

To make the clinic enjoyable for everyone we have a couple of clinic etiquette reminders.

  • This clinic is a judgement free environment – we will not judge you and expect you to respect the fellow participants and our team members.
  • We work to meet you where you and your horse are – if we are over or under shooting, let us know
  • We encourage questions throughout for clarification – please be mindful not to interrupt and try to work your questions in at appropriate times – everyone will be given a notebook to keep track of notes for yourself as well as questions
  • We encourage you to drink water and help yourself to snacks to keep your energy level up.

Line to the 1st Barrel – Clinic Schedule

Day 1 – Arena in Morning/Classroom in PM

(coffee, tea, water and snacks will be available all day for participants as self serve)

8:30am-9am – Arena Work – Horse Warm Up – Introduction of BOWL

9am-9:30am – Arena Work – Practice Run – Random Draw – Horses that aren’t of futurity age or will go 1st

9:30-12:30 – Arena Work – 

Horse Posture Assessments – differentiating between posture and conformation

Your Horse’s Center of Balance, stride length, length to strength ratio & body ratios

Saddle, Pad, Reins & Bit General Assessment

12:30pm – Lunch for Humans & Horses – Lunch Provided by us – lunch choice options are sent 1 week out

1pm – 4:30pm – Classroom (15 min coffee break mid afternoon)

Limiting Beliefs and how they affect your run

Human Center of Balance & Posture Assessment

Cause and Effect

Muscle Memory

Horse Side to Side Balance & Flexibility

The fastest path for YOUR horse on a barrel pattern

Reading Ground Conditions

Understanding what changes on different size patterns & pens

The Hold Up

What your horses basic challenges and strengths from morning assessment

The components of a barrel pattern

The 4 components of the line to the 1st barrel

Knowing when to Pivot

Review of Morning Runs

Day 2 – Arena Work All Day

(coffee, tea, water and snacks will be available all day for participants as self serve)

8am-12pm – **Starting with unsaddled horse** 

Horse Gait Assessment & Movement 

How to warm up your horse from head to tail

Identifying your horses correct movement & balance

Navigating a circle correctly & powerfully – stopping forehand turns before they start

Travelling straight

Making pattern adjustments for soundness issues

Finding YOUR Arc

Practising ABC’s & 3 Things

Noon – 12:30pm – Lunch for Humans & Horses

12:30pm – 4:30pm (15 min coffee break mid afternoon)

Navigating the Angled Pattern

How to practice a standard pattern in a small pen

Practising the changes for different size patterns

Changing your Line to 1st for different size pens, score lines & pattern sizes and everyone practicing

Plan B – When $hit goes south